Jerzy W Jaromczyk

JaromczykAssociate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ph.D. Warsaw University, 1984

Research Areas:

Algorithms, Robust Implementations, Biomedical and Bioinformatics Algorithms and Applications, Research in Computing for the Humanities (Digital Libraries).


As Coach of the UK Entry in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, took the team of the World Finals in Harbin, China.

Current Project:

Developing algorithms and techniques for the Epichloe festucae genome project (joint with plan pathology).  Epichloe festucae is a bioprotective, seed-transmissible symbiont (endophyte) of the so-called cool-season grasses.  They are known for production of various alkaloids, some of which protect against insects, and others that can cause episodes of livestock toxicosis.  Strains lacking the anti-vertebrate activities greatly enhance productivity of forage grasses.  Molecular biological techniques have been useful for studying how E. festucae and its hosts get along so well in nature.




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