Jun Zhang

Jun Zhang


Ph.D. George Washington University, 1997, Mathematics

Research Areas:

Computational medical imaging and data analysis; bioinformatics; data mining; scientific computing.

Current Project:

Zhang has built a computational framework for scalable and high efficiency solution of elliptic partial differential equations (PEDs).  The developed high-performance scalable high-accuracy computational techniques simultaneously advance the numerical solution of PDEs in the two fronts.  One is computing high-accuracy solutions by using high-order discretization methods; the other is computing the discrete solution in a minimum amount of computer time by using the fastest sparse linear system solvers.  The novelty of the approach is that we combine, for the first time, the high-order discretization of the governing equations with the fast solution of the resulting sparse linear systems in a seamless multiscale, multigrid computational framework.


University of Kentucky
College of Engineering
Department of Computer Science
321 Davis Marksbury Building
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0633
Office Phone: (859) 257-3892
Office Fax: (859) 323-1971
Office Hours: T/TR 2:30-3:30
Email: jzhang 'at' cs.uky.edu

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