Fall 2011 Hackathon a Successful Work-in-Progress

ACMThe Hackathon is a semi-annual event hosted by the UK student chapter of the ACM.  The goal is for students to begin and complete a large project in just 12 hours.

This semester, twenty CS students participated in the Hackathon.  Beginning at 10am on Saturday, November 19, the chosen project was an action-adventure game akin to The Legend of Zelda.

While the project was not completed within the 12-hour workday, significant progress was made.  A 2D map of 100 screen sizes was created.  Further work on the game is ongoing, and anyone is welcome to contribute by visiting the host site Github.  The project is written in Python and uses the PyGame library.

ACM president Shaden Smith describes the event as having gone "quite smoothly" and encourages interested students to attend next semester's event.